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About Us

About the George & Enid Brooks Foundation, Inc.

The George & Enid Brooks Foundation was formed following the Biblical principle of serving the poor. As the Brooks Family has been blessed, it is our responsibility and our privilege to share with others and to help lift up those who do not have educational, financial, spiritual, or social resources. We also value empowerment, and endeavor to help people to help themselves, to use and develop their own resources. Finally, we value justice and will not discriminate due to racial or cultural background. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; therefore, your donations to this charitable organization are tax-deductible

Our Mission

The mission of the George & Enid Brooks Foundation, Inc. is to honor the vision of the late Rev. George and Mrs. Enid Brooks, a couple who believed in the intrinsic value of education and the ability of every individual to achieve their God-given potential. Our foundation will thus ensure the continuity of George and Enid Brooks' vision of achieving excellence through education by providing financial assistance and support to young people both locally and in the island nation of Jamaica.